Lawrence Leow
General Manager

Migrated to New Zealand from Malaysia in 1992, specializes and passionate in the food and beverage industry, and worked with many hotels such as Novotel, Heritage Citylife Hotel, Rendezvous Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and Skycity. Lawrence can speak up to 7 different languages and is well respected by many of his clientele for his humour and table service. He has experience in many cuisines such as Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, Kiwi, European and Chinese. Lawrence also has a strong background of events, and the largest event he has run was up 1200 banquet in 3 different events in one night. Lawrence believes today businesses agility to change and evolve along with customers, responding to shifting needs, market change, and new opportunities as they arise required adaptation. To meet this challenge, Lawrence has the ability to adapt business culture, flexible, thinking outside the box to respond to change. From his first contact with a potential customer through the full extent of the relationship - a relationship he does is everything to ensure will be strong and enduring and provide value to the customers.

Bobby Eng
Web Support Officer / Bar Manager

Born in Brunei and Raised in New Zealand for the past 16 years, obtaining up to 4 years of hospitality experience and up to 1 and a half years in design and web developing. Worked in various places such as Rendezvous Hotel, Stamford Plaza, Quest Apartments, Reef Bar, Ruan Thai and others. Passionate about the creative field and enjoys the atmosphere in hospitality, always willing to give the best customer service.

Duty Manager
  • Jackson Ji
  • Joe Wen
  • Joy Zhai
  • Min Ju Yoon
Front of House
  • Martin Ma
  • Ana Larbchareonngarm
  • Mina Yu
  • Jen
  • Judy Lee
  • Keita Sato
  • Janey Liu
  • Jenny Qi
  • Jason Tjong
Kitchen Team
  • Annie Zhang
  • Su Gang
  • Jacky Liang
  • Terry Cheng
  • Mei Fang Chen
  • Lee li
  • Jason Zhang